We’ve all been to a beautiful hotel or two and enjoyed the most luxurious sleep on a bed that we want to wrap up in a bow and take home with us. This feeling of bliss is apparently so common that you can actually order a bed from some hotels on your room service tab! Sign me up for that one!

But alas I’m not in a beautiful hotel room right now sipping bubbly talking on the phone with the concierge about what color I would like my new sheets to be, so I Googled it.  And here is what I found…

Our eight steps to the best rest:

1. Choosing a firm mattress
2. Adding a felt mattress protector
3. Choose a box-style featherbed, preferably a baffle box construction
4. Add a felt sheet protector (This is where I had my Oprah ‘AHA!’ moment! FELT, it holds the fitted sheet in place!)
5. Add a fitted sheet
**(you’ll be sleeping on top of components 1 through 5)
6. Add a flat sheet
7. Finish with a comforter with duvet cover that matches your sheets
8. Add a throw to add the final touch
**(fold over the top, to extend below the pillows; this will finish and complete the bed setup)

So go ahead, crawl into that gorgeous bed give the Hubs a wink and call him ‘Jeeves’…maybe he’ll bring you some chocolate covered strawberries.


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