French-style Bakery

After getting out of a online (I love technology!) design meeting with a new client last week I was inspired by her passion for her craft and our collaborative passion for french styling.  Here are a few of the inspirations we are working with for her bakery… She is still in negotiations with the City   

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I have always loved the thrill of the hunt, so to speak, when it comes to finding design selections for our clients and occasionally our personal home. My name (Laurel) even means ‘gift’…maybe my parents were onto something 🙂 As a matter of simple fact, I LOVE a great deal.  But this does not mean I am   

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Collaborative Design

While meeting with a new client this week to discuss a renovation to their home we tossed around many different design style ideas for the direction they want to go with their renovation.  We talked colors/space/tile/windows but most importantly how they want to live in their home.  We coined a new design style in the   

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Top Five Renovation Do’s

Renovation Do’s  Do look for the positives you have in your space already.  For example if you have a really great tree on your property frame it with a beautiful set of windows to take advantage of the view from the inside of your home  Do have the renovator out to inspect your property for   

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Good design is easier than you think

Everyone of us is creative. Most of you just don’t know it yet. Before you tell me ‘I could never create a kitchen like the one -insert favorite designer here- did for HGTV’ let me tell you that you don’t need to. The Property Brothers are not going to live in your kitchen, you are.   

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