Fresh Cut for Spring

April 11th, 2013



Besides the basics like giving your air conditioner a check-up (you will thank me when its 90+degrees in JUNE and you are not moving in with your in-laws due to your HVAC going out ; ) and changing your air filter there are so many FUN ways to get your home ready for SPRING!  I’ve compiled a few of my favorites for you.

FRUIT & Veggies!  The results of your new motto to eat healthier is not only beautiful for your heart and waistline but can also be used as beautiful natural decor.  My island is covered with ruby red apples, bright yellow bananas and plenty of green avocados.  I like to pull in some of my pretty dishes and glass bowls to display my fruit so its easy pickings for my hungry boys and is nice to look at!


Next up: flowers!  The magical ‘green thumb’ has been elusive to me every spring season but when I walk the aisles at Pike’s & Lowe’s I just can’t help but give it another try!  My inner voice starts singing ‘Say a little prayer for meeee’ every time I touch the plantings.  I recommend 2 things when it comes to enhancing spring time in your outdoor space…

1) Hanging flower baskets look best when you replant them (with a bit of added dirt) into wire baskets with a line.  Make sure the flowers you select ‘hang or drape’ over the side of the baskets for added dramatic effect.



2) Look for ‘ground cover’ plants or ivy to plant in the perimeter of the opening in your porch pots then plant your ‘main attraction’ in the center of the pot.


Last but certainly not least…enjoy your family and friends!  Light a couple candles and sit down to dinner with your family, stop in the driveway after you pull in and get to know your neighbors.  This is a BEAUTIFUL season meant to be shared.



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