In the remodeling/building/designing world websites like Houzz and Pinterest are changing the way professionals interact with their clients.  Last week David and I were invited to a Houzz Professionals event they held at Room and Board in West-side Atlanta.  Over 100 industry professionals from the Atlanta area spread out over the R&B showroom and listened intently as Houzz shared from a recent customer survey.

We know the benefits of using Houzz first hand but it was fantastic to come together with other designers and renovators and hear how they are using it to better serve their clients.  Internet sites like Houzz & Pinterest have helped to streamline our design process in ways we never imagined.  No longer are homeowners forced to clip pictures from magazines (and all the environmentalist cheered! :).  And on the flip side designers/builders no longer have to cross their fingers hoping they interpret ‘modern fireplace’ properly.  Over 900,000 images on the Houzz site promises that someone somewhere has built nearly exactly what you are looking for; all you have to do is save the photo in your ideabook to share with your builder/designer.

The other side benefit for professionals is the ‘taking down of geographical fences.’  Houzz is available to anyone on an international scale.  A couple of the designers at the event last Tuesday said they have already been across the globe for projects in other countries due to their Houzz exposure!  Talk about Glocalization!

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