Infinite Home’s Job Site Rules for Sub-contractors

Infinite Home’s Agreement with our Sub-contractors

“Infinite Home takes the utmost pride in providing our Clients with the best possible experience when renovating their home. This goes beyond just providing good design and quality workmanship. Just as important is the experience they have with the people working in their homes and the impression they get each day when they return home to a clean organized job site excited to see the progress that happened that day.”

Below are the standards of behavior that we expect and enforce when you are working on an IH project:

  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!!!

    Please communicate often with Infinite Home about your work on the project.

    When you should contact us (call, text, or email):

    1. Let us know when you arrive and leave the project.
    2. Call us if you have a question about your scope of work.
    3. Call us if you run into a problem.
    4. Call us if you think you found a better solution.
    5. Text us progress pics when you can- we love that!
    6. Call us if you can’t show up when you said you would- we do not tolerate “No call, No shows”.
    7. If in doubt- CALL!
  • Payments

    We ask that you submit an invoice for each phase of the job, ie: rough, final, completion, etc Checks are printed once a week on Fridays, for invoices received by the Monday before. Checks will be mailed on Friday afternoon.
  • Sub-Contractor Acknowledgement

    I acknowledge that I have read and understand the “Job site rules for Sub Contractors” and will ensure that myself and my workers, suppliers and sub trades will follow all of INFINITE HOME’s rule’s outlined herein and that I have received a copy of this document for my own reference. Additionally these rules are to be posted and/or available at the project site. INFINITE HOME reserves the right to impose fines, terminate my contract, and/ or ban me or my workers from the job site in the case that any of these rules are not adhered to.