When we began this giveaway last month we were secretly hoping that our winner would be in dire need of an update because who doesn’t love a dramatic makeover?    It turns out Harley Davidson orange covering every wall surface of your home (yes, ceiling too!) was the perfect kind of dramatics.

Andy & Pooja Duff had signed a contract on their new home a couple days before our Spring Fling drawing.  Their beautiful new home had one drawback; BRIGHT orange walls and ceilings that were literally glowing inside of their home.  You can take a guess as to which of the three giveaways they chose!

As soon as they closed on their home we met up with the new homeowners to select the best color for their surroundings and how they want to live in their new one, minus the sunglasses 😉  We landed on a calming gray by Sherwin Williams called Repose Gray for the walls and a 50% cut of that color for the ceiling.  The outcome was outstanding.


Its amazing what a little color will do for your space.  Congratulations on your new home Andy & Pooja!!


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