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To Stay or Go?

One decision you have to make when undertaking a major renovation is if you’re going to live in your home through the renovation or move out.

The first thing to consider is how much of your home is being touched by the renovation. If your key rooms are being renovated, then it may be a good option to move out of the house.

If you have kids and pets, you really need to think about the safety factor for them. It’s probably just a better idea for your family’s health and safety for you to just move out.

Your daily lifestyle is a big consideration as well; During a project, you’re going to have dust, noise, and people in and out of the house. It’s very disruptive!

You can look into Airbnbs in your area and I would recommend getting one just a couple miles from your house so that way you can pop over and check in with your project manager.

Another option would be if you have family nearby or a close neighbor.

The best option is to enjoy a vacation!