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Winterize Your Home

Check your gutters for downspouts and leaves that have come down in the fall. This will prevent water from damming up and coming into your house.

You wanna prevent freezing of your hose bits on the outside of your home. You can do this by either covering them with an insulated cover or the better option is to actually shut off the hose bit. You’ll have to find the shut off valve in the house which will typically be located in a cabinet or in a basement or crawlspace area.

You want to keep the temperature in your home fairly regulated throughout the day instead of coming home and blasting the heat. The heater will actually dry out the air which will cause all the wood products in your home to dry out and shrink.

You want to check all of your windows and doors for drafts. You’ll also want to check for weather stripping and repair it – this will keep the home warmer throughout the winter months.