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Renovation Survival Guide (Part 2)

If your laundry room is down during a renovation, there are services that will actually come to your house, pick up all of your laundry – not just your dry cleaning – launder it, and bring it back that evening.

Parking can be an issue when you’ve got a large project going on at home because there’s going to be a dumpster in your driveway and 5 or 10 trucks parked in your driveway. So if you have a neighbor’s driveway or any sort of alternative parking options available, you’ll want to look into that before your renovation starts.

Consider having a rubbermaid bin or two of some items that you want to take to your temporary quarters (If you’re living in your home still).

One key item that you want to keep at the ready is going to be your corkscrew and your wine because you are going through a stressful renovation process and those can be of great assistance.